2014 Sustainability Report

4:00PM Thursday, 06 August 2015

Leighton Asia’s Sustainability Report 2014 Is Now Available Online

In keeping with our corporate principles and responding to our stakeholders’ expectations, we are pleased to announce that our 2014 Sustainability Report is now  available online .

Our 2014 Sustainability Report expands on our sustainability strategy, which targets resource efficiency across our business.

The opening pages of our report provide you with a snapshot of our commercial, safety, diversity and environmental performance in 2014. Our Roadmap to Sustainability is detailed on pages 15 and 16, outlining the material impacts arising from our business activities and our approach to managing these. Our sustainability goals for 2015 and 2016 can be found on pages 49-52.

Our materiality analysis, which highlights issues material to both our business success and our stakeholders, can be found on pages 17-20. This analysis is based on on-going stakeholder engagement and risk assessment.

The second half of our report is structured around our seven core values, providing case studies that demonstrate our commitment to our values.

Our 2014 Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with international sustainability reporting standards, based on the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidance.

An independent assurance provider was engaged to verify the qualitative and quantitative contents of our 2014 report. The Assurance Statement, found at the back of the report (p61), certifies that the information and data contained within the report is accurate, reliable and provides a fair and balanced representation of our sustainability activities in 2014.

Warm regards, 

The Sustainability Team